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Where will the service be available?

Initially, it will be tested and validated on the markets of three European countries: Italy, Spain and Portugal. Depending on demand, the service will be available to other European countries.

Who works at the development of the EBRASS service?

The EBRASS service is developed by the joint efforts of 5 partners (see the partner page on this website) thanks to the support of European Community funding, under the programme eTEN ( ). Within the 5 partners, work will be carried out also by Braille music experts, blind/partially sighted musicians and music students, Braille music transcribers and Music schools/institutions who deal with the visually impaired.

What does the EBRASS service do?

It provides an on-line service which offers access to an on-line Braille music library and the possibility to download Braille music pieces thanks to an appositely created software (BME = Braille Music Editor).

Who is EBRASS for?

It is addressed to blind and partially sighted people who learn, work with or simply enjoy playing or writing music. It is also of interest to those people teaching music to the visually impaired as well as to Braille music transcribers and those institutions/organisation who deal with the visually impaired (e.g. libraries for the blind, national associations of the blind etc.).

What are the advantages of using the EBRASS service?

Once you have downloaded the BME software from the EBRASS website you will be able to:

  • Download the chosen music from the on-line library
  • Convert the chosen music piece onto a Braille music piece
  • Modify the newly created music piece according to your tastes and preferences
  • Print your music piece onto paper by means of a Braille printer
  • Save your music piece in electronic format
  • Circulate your music to friends and colleagues

...all this in your own home/workplace without having to wait for days before your Braille music score can be delivered to you.

What do I need to access the service?

A PC and an internet connection.

How many scores will there be on the on-line library to choose from?

Initially around 1000 scores.

What if I cannot find the piece of music I am looking for?

A If you cannot find it, it might be because what you are looking is not in the on-line library catalogue. Please contact us and we will do our best to help you.