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With the support of EU funding, under the eTEN Programme, and the joint effort of 5 European partners (UIC, BIC, ONCE, DEDICON, KFKI) the eBRASS project wants to make Braille music more easily and quickly accessible to blind and partially sighted people as well as to music teachers and schools who deal with the visually impaired.

eBRASS intends to offer an internet-based trans-European service which will see an on-line library hosting Braille electronic music texts to be downloaded and used by non-sighted musicians thanks to an appositely created software (Braille Music Editor), this too downloadable from the net. The library catalogue will be constantly widen and enriched with a variety of Braille music scores selected on the basis of the tastes and needs of Portuguese, Spanish and Italian end users (the project market validation phase takes place in these countries). Thanks to the BME software, visually impaired musicians and music students will be in the position to exchange titles, modify existing files and create their own music piece to circulate on the web, in accordance with the common rules laid out by the New International Manual for Braille Music Notation.

Braille music will become easier to access and share, cheaper and quicker to obtain in electronic format, and subsequently on to paper.